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Declates Cruzade.jpg

Warhammer miniature painting by commission:

Declates Cruzade

M41 999

The Declate´s Crusade was an Imperial Crusade against the WAAAGH Ork! Gitzmott performed by the Space Marine Chapters Crimson and Black Templars in the densely populated Declates system. When the Declates system got in the way of Ork WAAAGH! Gitzmott, entire worlds fell overnight. The Crimson Fists were dispatched quickly to contain the bleeding and deal with the Ork threat.
Upon arrival, the venerable first chapter won victory after victory with hit and run attacks. However, the Crimson Fists began to lose ground as the immense Ork invasion increased its weight. It became evident that help was needed and quick. The massive Ork incursion was definitely approaching the valuable Declates IV of the world of the forge and densely populated hives of Declates V. The Imperium could not let these centers of civilization fall. The next chapter of the Black Templars answered the call to arms and soon the campaign was brought back to the brink of defeat. It was in Declates VII that the fate of the star system was finally determined when the two chapters managed to kill Ork Warlord Gitzmott and WAAAGH! later he collapsed without his leadership, saving the system from destruction and slavery at the hands of the Greenskin horde.

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